“I’m better at math, my test scores are improving, and I love being able to feel confident in my work!”

BYS Peer Tutoring for the 2022-23 school year will begin the week of September 19, 2022.

BYS Peer Tutoring is a free program designed to support students of all ages to become engaged, confident and capable learners. It also offers an opportunity for our high school tutors to experience community engagement through volunteerism and service. All tutors receive community service hours.

Peer Tutoring is available to all students, K – 12. Tutoring takes place at BYS by appointment Monday-Thursday after school.

Small tutoring groups of the same high school subject and level (ie Algebra II) are capped at 3 students to one tutor. If the student being tutored is younger than high school age, tutoring will be provided on a one-to-one student to tutor ratio. Students generally receive tutoring on an ongoing, weekly basis, but one-time sessions can sometimes be accommodated as can bi-weekly sessions.

If you have questions, please email us at [email protected].

Request a tutor

In order to get the most out of tutoring, you will be asked to take the lead and come prepared for each session with the necessary tools: textbook, Chromebook, homework assignment, test-prep, and knowing which areas you want to focus on. The tutor will be most helpful when they understand your needs. Ask questions!

Whether receiving tutoring support or not, these Study Tips from BHS students and a professional academic counselor may be helpful.

Become a tutor

We always welcome more peer tutors and all high school students are welcome! Our tutors report that the experience is fulfilling and fun, not to mention, all tutors receive community service hours for their time.

While there are no specific requirements, it is generally expected that you have completed in good standing the subject(s) that you will tutor and feel you can easily explain to others. Tutoring elementary students only (typically in reading or math skills) is an option as well.

You don’t need to be available to tutor for the whole school year but it would be ideal if you are available consistently for at least a few months.

All new tutors are offered Quick Tips for Tutors, a brief guide to the dos and don’ts of tutoring.

“BYS tutoring helped me improve my confidence when working with others. I learned patience, flexibility and got the opportunity to really have a personal impact. As a BYS tutor, I learned how to approach different problems, especially math problems, from different perspectives, based on how my students learned best.”

~ BHS Student