In everything we do, we aim to meet kids where they are, on their terms. We engage students in ways that help them turn struggles into strength.

Along with counseling and tutoring, BYS offers bite-sized skill-building activities, wellness tips, leadership programs, internships, and other educational opportunities for youth.

Services & Programs

BYS creates connections. On campus and off, we facilitate opportunities for students to be a part of something bigger. We recognize their strengths and support their voices.

Community Engagement

Your dollars keep our doors open- and they do so much more. Dive into our recent Annual Report or hear directly from youth why BYS is worth supporting.

Donor Impact

BYS is extremely helpful and honestly life-saving. Without it I might not be here.

I can live my life and be happy and not have to worry about whether or not the darkness is gonna come back and suffocate me. I have someone to help me through my problems, and I’m no longer alone in this.

I signed up for LFW to better my leadership skills and take an active role within my community. Through the program, I learned skills to advocate for myself and others, mediation techniques, and how to create a safe environment for everyone. I look forward to continuing to build my skills and applying them in my life!

I sought support through tutoring with math, and even though it’s a subject that I still struggle with, my tutor and the wonderful atmosphere at BYS have given me the ability to see more in myself…my perspective has most definitely changed for the better at BYS and so has my attitude in general.