AskBYS Podcast is a monthly podcast brought to you by Bainbridge Youth Services in partnership with BARN (Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network).  The mission of Bainbridge Youth Services is to promote youth mental health and wellness in our community.  With this in mind,  AskBYS Podcast connects parents to professionals that can provide support, education and resources on a particular topic in parenting.


  1. February 2023: Connecting Parents and Therapists of Adolescents and Teens. Audio file. Video file.
  2. March 2023: Connecting Parents to a Community Health Navigator Regarding Sexual Assault. Audio File. Video file.
  3. April 2023: Parenting and Athletics: A Conversation with a Licensed Counselor and High Performance Coach. Audio file. Video file.
  4. May 2023: Parenting and Neurodiversity:  A Conversation about Parenting Neurodiverse Children. Audio file. Video file.
  5. May 2023: Local Youth and Underage Drinking: A Conversation with the BYS Youth Advisory Board. Audio file. Video file.
  6. June 2023: Parenting and the Gender Spectrum. Audio file. Video file.
  7. August 2023: Mental Health and The Body. Audio file. Video file.
  8. September 2023: Financial Literacy for Children. Audio file. Video file.
  9. October 2023: Parenting After Divorce: How to Coparent Through a Difficult Time. Audio file. Video file.