Nominate a youth today!

Bainbridge Youth Services invites you to nominate a youth under the age of 21 for recognition through the 22nd annual BYS Compassionate Action Celebration. Please help us honor a young person who has made a difference through an act of kindness, compassion, service, or environmental stewardship.

Due to unforeseen conflicts, we will be unable to host our Compassionate Action Celebration on Sunday, November 19th. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. All honorees should be sure to check their email for more information.

The Compassionate Action Celebration honors youth who have made an exceptional impact in their community. BYS wants to recognize and celebrate youth who go above and beyond what is required or expected in school, jobs, activities, and relationships with others in the community.

What does “go above and beyond” mean? Here’s an example: say you supervised a group of youth who went on a mission/service trip. While all those youth did a great thing by giving their time on that trip, who were the 1-2 youth who did something above and beyond what the trip called for? Those are the youth we are looking for you to nominate.

If you know a youth who has exemplified extreme selflessness, compassion, and/or community service, we invite you to nominate them for a compassionate action award. Our aim is for the honorees to fully understand the positive impact they have had on another person or group of people. To that end, we ask that you personalize each nomination by telling us what the young person did that made them stand out and how that impacted others. Describing the impact is important. We ask that you do not nominate a family member.

Nominations are now closed. Honorees will be notified of their selection via email. Thank you for helping us to recognize our youth!

For questions, please email BYS: [email protected]