Growth evolves through countless steps — some big ones — others tiny. So grow with us. Show up. Be seen. Take risks. Ask for help. Own your mistakes. Learn from failure. Be a change-maker. Feel joy – and share it!

Lead From Within

The Lead From Within program is one way to help you develop courage and learn skills to reach your goals. The Lead From Within program strengthens the foundation of your own well-being and personal leadership style so that you may support your friends and peers.

BYS Service Club

Service Club is designed to lead youth in peer and community outreach through impactful, fun, service-based projects.

Compassionate Action

You are part of a gifted and generous community of young adults. Let’s celebrate you! It can feel good to be seen and recognized. Each November, BYS honors youth through the Compassionate Action Celebration for the positive impacts made through generous action. Learn more about this year’s celebration here.

We want to celebrate youth who ignite hope by going above and beyond what is required or expected in school, jobs, activities, and relationships with others in the community. ~ Cezanne Allen, BYS Executive Director.

Life Design Workshop

Learn how design thinking can help you create a life that is meaningful and fulfilling. This class teaches creative problem-solving and networking skills and is highly recommended by your peers.