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Teen.Self.Health is a website developed by a Seattle-area teen that advocates for the normalization of mental health. It is geared towards teens in Washington

Grief and Loss

If you are experiencing grief and loss, please consider talking with a BYS counselor. You can make an appointment here.  Other local counseling services

Low Cost Medical Care

Peninsula Community Health Services is a community-based, nonprofit Community Health Center dedicated to providing accessible, affordable, quality health and wellness services for our communities.

Hope and Wellbeing Resources

Center for Greater Good: Offers science based insights on building a meaningful life. Just One Thing: a free weekly newsletter from neuropsychologist Rick Hanson,

Getting to Calm

Looking for Apps with exercises and practices that can help you feel less stressed and more grounded? Here are some great options to choose

Healthy Relationships

Love is Respect is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting healthy relationships, offering information on consent, communication, conflict resolution, setting boundaries and much more.

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