Now more than ever, it isn’t easy to be a parent. We get it and are here to offer support.

Parent Coaching is an opportunity for parents to gain guidance, support, and additional skills that strengthen their relationship with their children. If you are interested in learning parenting approaches to expand your child’s emotional coping skills and support your child’s self-worth, please call 206-842-9675 to schedule a first appointment for this free service.

BYS Parent Coaching is open for parents of children of all ages and includes 6 – 8 individual sessions for parents to gain information and practice new skills. Topics include parenting patterns, conflict resolution, communication, and dealing with children’s feelings (including mental health symptoms). Your needs influence the content of each session.

Please note that appointment requests from youth take priority and as a result we may not always have openings for Parent Coaching sessions. Please call the front desk to inquire about openings.