What Youth Want BYS Donors to Know

Through our program evaluations, youth tell us in their own words why BYS is worth supporting.

BYS is extremely helpful and, honestly, life-saving. Without it, I might not be here.

BYS is a beautiful program that helps youth find a healthy, safe space to focus on themselves with support if they need it.

BYS is an amazing support program, learning environment and resource….Everything they do helps people like me, and changes lives.


BYS plays a huge part in supporting youth on the island. I know firsthand how much it helps students through their struggles – academic and personal.

BYS provides many crucial services that students need to navigate their everyday life.

BYS is so important! There’s no other place that offers exactly what teens need: mental health support, academic help, volunteer opportunities, jobs and life skills. Everywhere should have a place like BYS.

It’s really nice to have someone to go to when you can’t talk to your parents. It’s also nice that it’s a free service

I feel very valued and supported at BYS

BYS has given me someone to talk to. Before, I would get so frustrated because my family wasn’t listening to me.

I enjoy that BYS is always there for anyone regardless of orientation.

BYS is a safe space that students rely on.

BYS is crucial in providing support, both mental and physical, to high school students!

BYS Lead From Within helps me feel connected to my student community.

I’m better at math, my test scores are improving, and I love being able to feel confident in my work!

I learned how to advocate for myself and others around me to increase well-being.

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