Your dollars are the reason BYS is able to provide youths with the support and skills that will last them a lifetime. Your generosity allows us to offer evidence-based learning, to innovate, to adapt, and to create new programs to meet the evolving needs of teens – for free. Your donations also allow BYS to provide a safe and quiet place for young people to decompress, study or grab a healthy snack.

In 2019, BYS programs served over 700 youth and the demand is rising. So are the costs – especially during Covid-19. The real cost of one hour of counseling — $125 — includes all usual business expenses as well as behind-the-scenes staff time and pandemic adjustments.

Your Dollars Count

During the unusual spring and summer of 2020, generous donors responded with a $9,000+ emergency fund, giving us the flexibility to adapt services, maintain staffing, establish protocols and keep the BYS virtual doors open:

  • Counseling and peer tutoring were switched from in-person to virtual sessions.
  • Lead from Within students designed “Support Cards” that were sent to the home addresses of over 2,000 peers in grades 7 – 12.
  • Virtual social events were designed by students and included cooking, yoga, and rock painting.

Here is some helpful information to inform your donation:

… I sought math support through tutoring this semester. Even though it’s a subject that I struggle with, my tutor and the wonderful atmosphere at BYS has given me the ability to see more in myself.

Counseling has helped me turn my life around and realize that I do matter. I have gained self-respect, self-love and a deeper understanding of myself and who I want to be.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed the most about the Lead From Within program is simply having a group to talk to and relax with every Monday, while also learning some great techniques to improve my mental health.