BYS creates connections. On campus and off, we facilitate opportunities for students to be a part of something bigger. We recognize their strengths and support their unique contributions.

BYS Fosters Connection

To share a real slice of pizza or snuggle with a dog can add something remarkable to any school day. To hear that another’s struggle or fear matches your own creates a unique bond outside existing friend groups and helps students feel less alone. To work side-by-side on common goals, adults and kids? Well, we think that’s when growth truly takes hold – for everyone.

BYS Educates & Empowers

Simply put, giving feels good. Whether it’s donating time, sharing an insight, or simply doing something kind, these actions make us all stronger and happier. At BYS, we believe it’s imperative to provide opportunities for growth outside the classroom, and to honor the ideas and good work of our students.

Compassionate Action Celebration

Each year, BYS hosts an annual event honoring community youth for acts of service, integrity, courage and environmental stewardship.

Outreach Activities for Youth & Their Adults

BYS partners with like-minded organizations to create awareness and spark conversations about youth well-being by hosting families and friends at presentations, workshops and round table discussions throughout the year. Past topics include supporting young people as they explore gender and sexual identity as well as offering Youth Mental Health First Aid classes to the community.

BYS Annual Fun Run & Other Fundraising

Youth play key roles in much of our fundraising. They design the t-shirts, help with traffic and tech support, bravely tell their personal stories, act as ambassadors and always add enthusiasm, goofiness and good energy.