Thursday, October 14th, 7-8pm via Zoom

It is well known that the last 18 months have been challenging for everyone but especially youth, and, as data has shown, the need for mental health support has grown tremendously. We are definitely seeing that at BYS; year to date counseling requests are up 84% compared to 2020. We are grateful that you believe in the mission of BYS to support the emotional well-being of local youth. They need our support now more than ever.

BYS has set a goal of raising enough money to support 1000 hours of free counseling for youth 13-21. This will allow for expanded clinical hours at BYS which will ensure that all youth have access to free, professional counseling without barriers. (Every hour of free counseling costs BYS $125).

Your support will help to ensure that all youth go out into the world with the confidence and skills that allow them to thrive. This means that they will have the tools to search inside themselves and find the strength to be resilient in the challenging times that will inevitably come.

Thank you for believing in our community’s ability to impact youth well-being. You are a good neighbor who is committed to our community and youth and we appreciate you.

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